Increases reliability and accelerates the deployment of electronic payment innovations in the French participating groups.

A service company created in January 2019, Frenchsys is a catalyser and facilitator for the deployment of electronic payment solutions at French acceptance points.

years of expertise...

… stemming from the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires, in the field of acceptance and acquisition of large payment systems, we are positioned at the heart of the French electronic payment ecosystem.

million acceptance points...

… in the French electronic payment structure, through our main customers:

  • Purchasers
  • Domestic and international schemes
  • Electronic payment processors
million customers...
… French and international, each day benefiting from easier access to electronic payment services, and representing growing volumes of transactions, with almost:
billion transactions
in view by the end of 2019


A Team of Experts

At your service and open to your needs for tailor-made support of your projects.

Equipped with tools and services to accelerate and make the introduction and deployment of new electronic payment solutions more reliable.

A French reference of multi-system acceptance

A French reference of multi-system acceptance

Technical and functional documentation (manuals, specifications, protocols, etc.) necessary for the development and maintenance of electronic payment solutions.


Pre & post deployment

Includes design phases, test phases and technical configuration phases.